Akwasi Owusu Ansah is a Dutch-Ghanaian established storyteller as he is a professional performer, actor, writer and presenter.

At the age of 19 Akwasi founded the rap formation Zwart Licht with producer Hayzee and rapper Leeroy. Together they have released succesfull albums like ‘Bliksemschicht’, ‘No Juju’ and ‘Leeroy Draait Door’ in collaboration with record label TopNotch. In between creating these albums Akwasi started to study at the Theater Academy of Maastricht, where he graduated as actor back in 2012. During his study Akwasi joined the South African music- and theater collective ‘Afrikaans’ and performed in several shows with ‘Likeminds’. Later on Akwasi also got to play parts in TV series like ‘Feuten’ and ‘Toren C’. Where Akwasi started to take steps in his acting career, his music career took him to founding his own and independent record label Neerlands Dope, which recently has been renamed to NEED. NEED is not only active as record label but also as production company for television formats. Through this way Akwasi aims on giving young talent the ability to lift up their story to a national level of visibility. In no time Akwasi was not only musician and actor, but also a creative and independent entrepreneur. In 2020 Akwasi and Gianni Grot founded Omroep ZWART: a new Dutch broadcaster that purely aims on giving platform to the most diverse social cultural perspectives the Netherlands and abroad knows.

In 2019 Akwasi played a cool part in the nominated and award-winning feature film 'Instinct' by Halina Reijn. This film won the prestigious Variety Piazza Grande Award at the Locarno International Film Festival. In 2021 Akwasi will be seen with a supporting role in MET MES, a new feature film directed by Sam De Jong.

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