Benjamin is a Dutch-language artist from Amsterdam who is inspired by romance, interpersonal communication and personal events, locations and conversations. As a social observer he melts this inspiration into intimate, narrative pop songs with a refreshingly authentic aura. With two psychologists as parents, it is not surprising that his music also touches on themes such as self-image, relationships and (overcoming) depression. Benjamin is always looking for the oblique view of reality, the translation of feeling into music and making a connection with his listeners. As a singer, he shares a lyrical focus and straightforward approach with the rapping colleagues of his label Noah's Ark.

During the lockdown, he started sharing short songs weekly via Instagram and TikTok. This created demand for this new music and caused a growth in his following. Benjamin is currently working on his debut album, which is full of his contemporary interpretation of classic Dutch pop music, including the debut single 'Donkerblauw'.