Celeste Holsheimer (2005) is a Dutch/French actress based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

For her age you can definitely say that Celeste already gained a lot of experience as an actress. At the age of 10 years old Celeste played her first leading part in the feature film 'Toen Mijn Vader Een Struik Werd' together with actors like Teun Kuilboer and Britte Lagcher. For her play she received the two awards: the Special Children and Youth Jury Award and a Golden Butterfly for Best Youth Actor, both given at the International Film Festival for Children. Later on Celeste got casted for the Dutch TV series 'Judas' in which she played the younger version of Astrid Holleeder, the sister of the biggest and most infamous Dutch criminal Willem Holleeder. At this point Celeste's passion for acting started to grow even more. She eventually got to play a cool guest role in Flikken Maastricht and a more present supporting role in the well received TV series 'Turbulent Skies', a story about the KLM Dutch Royal Airlines founder Albert Plesman and pioneering aircraft manufacturer Anthony Fokker.

In 2022 the feature film Piraten van Hiernaast 2, with Celeste in the main cast, released in cinemas and got awarded with a Golden Film Award. At the moment Celeste is preparing a new lead play in the road movie 'Ma Mére, Et Moi' by Emma Branderhorst. No doubt you will hear more soon from this very talented youngster.