Jatou (1995) is a Dutch-Gambian actress, theatermaker and performer.

At the age of 12 she started dancing at high level at the Lucia Marthas institute for performing arts.  When she was 18 y/o she saw a play (The Imaginary Invalid by Moliere) at the City Theatre Amsterdam. Partly because of this event, Jatou discovered her passion for acting and decided that this was her destiny. Shortly after she followed up on her passion by joining youth theatre groups such as DOX and DEGASTEN. In 2017 she got accepted on the Academy for Drama &Contemporary Music Theatre in Amsterdam, where she expects to graduate in 2021. Jatou is mostly experienced in  stage performing, but she has recently performed a fun guest role in season 2 of NPO’s television series Nieuw Zeer too. For her internship she portrayed the part of Dunyasha in Tjechov"s Cherry orchard. A musical theatre production directed by Hans Man in T’ Veld. In 2021 she joined The National Theatre for their production 'De Eeuw Van Mijn Moeder' directed by Eric De Vroedt, which will reprise in the fall of 2022. In 2022 Jatou played a main role in one of the biggest Toneelgroep Oostpool productions ever made, 'Midzomernachtsdroom'. Later in 2022 Jatou will join Suburbia for their piece 'Into The Night', directed by Ada Ozdogan. 

Jatou is also the co-founder of  WUSS. WUSS is a (theatre) performance collective. In their work they merge their strengths by using different disciplines such as music, theater and performance, with an ironic view on society as a whole and especially on themselves.  With WUSS, Jatou created two live shows and during the COVID lockdown they made a short movie called S.I.M. (seriously Interrupted millennial). in 2020 S.I.M. Won The Best of Fringe Award and will therefore be featured at the Brighton fringe festival 2021.