Indie R&B artist Melle Jutte is independend songwriter, producer and DJ from Amsterdam. In 2016 he released his debut EP ‘Maya Got Lost’ and performed within Europe and Asia. With success on his side after completing his first solo project, many more career opportunities were to follow. After reaching over half a million plays on his EP track 'Concrete’. Melle took his seat in the studio as main producer and co-writer for Pete Phill’s project. In 2019, Melle decided it was time for him to follow up on his first solo project and focus on creating new music. Eventually Melle took a big turn and started writing and singing himself. This new way of creating opened up many possibilities in his creative process which led to his today’s sound. Groove and percussion elements started to play a leading role in his new music. Today Melle Jutte’s eclectic analogue sound and soulful uplifting harmonies are greatly influenced by hip hop and R&B straight from the early 2000s.

Over the past 2 years Melle has released several singles including the more recent releases such as 'Tell Me’, ’Go’ and 'Higher'. The last one just passed the 1.000.000 streams. With these songs he came on the radar of both national and (local) international radio stations and got featured in for example Spotify’s playlists Fresh Finds (UK) and Ready For The Day (USA).

In July 2022 Melle released his first EP since his 'comeback', called 'Dream State'. The EP received many lovely support from different directions such as national radio and international editorial playlist placement by Spotify.