Nicolaas (formerly Nils Käller) was launched into the music industry at the age of twelve as part of the Dutch boy band "Mainstreet". When the boy band hype really took off in 2013, the guys from Mainstreet were at the forefront of the madness and hysteria that came with it. After five years, Nicolaas and band members Rein, Owen and Daan decided that it was enough and quit Mainstreet.

After a year of fully focussing on producing music and studying at the Conservatory, Nicolaas decided to stop music indefinitely. “After the madness of Mainstreet, which I ended up in as a young, ignorant kid, I wanted to get on with it right away by doing as much as possible in music. In the end, I was just drained and couldn't see the fun anymore. I then started looking for that energy in other things such as parties and eventually that led to a downward spiral and things got worse and worse. ”

After a year of silence, Nicolaas decided to start working on new songs. “At first I just wanted to make music again, without deadlines and pressure. During the first lockdown, I was able to work on my songs in peace and quiet in my studio in my student room". Between those songs was the debut single ‘No Plans No Friends’, a cheerful and summery record that was released in June this year.

“I see this as a fresh start, both in the artistic field and in the career field. It feels like I am starting over and although it is exciting it gives me more energy than ever". The second single "Good As Gold" is about the preliminary stage of a relationship in which you are both still discovering everything and that can be quite overwhelming at times.