This year Philine opened shows for, among others, Froukje, Maaike Ouboter We Three and Matt Simons and she toured with her band as 3voor12 Talent through the Netherlands with the Popronde. With her music inspired by artists such as Holly Humberstone, The War On Drugs and Phoebe Bridgers, her clear high-pitched voice and sincere lyrics, Philine leaves an impression.

Early on in her life, Philine became entwined with songwriting. “My mother always wrote her own songs, for example she made up lullabies for my sisters and me before we went to sleep. I think that's why writing songs came very naturally to me at a very young age.” The older Philine got, the stronger her love for singing and writing became. She learned to play the piano and spent most of her time writing songs about everything that inspired her. “Almost everything I write is based on personal experiences. I strive to paint as honest and direct a picture as possible so that others can identify with my texts.”

Philine grew up listening mainly to artists like Dolly Parton and Fleetwood Mac, but nowadays she mainly gets her inspiration from artists like Holly Humberstone, girl in red, Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo.