Sara Afiba (2000) is a Dutch-Surinamese actress and singer-songwriter based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

At the age of 10, Sara started to discover her passion for acting and performing. Since then she has been practicing day in and day out. Over the years, Sara performed with several (youth) theatre companies such as the Toneelschuur Youth Productions and DEGASTEN. At the age of 17, Sara moved over to Atlanta, GA for Youth Creates: a 5 week scholarship where students collaborate through playwriting, show designing and performance in order to create a original production. In 2019 Sara decided to follow up on this great experience. She auditioned for the Academy for Theatre and Dance (ATKA) in Amsterdam and got accepted. With the goal to evolve into the most widely skilled professional actrice, Sara expects to graduate in 2023. Furthermore Sara is a various disciplined performer as she acts in both theatre and film and got to master playing piano, guitar and bass guitar which makes her a multi instrumentalist too.

In 2022-2023 Sara will be playing leading parts in 'SAVE IT' (mid-length film), 'WTF!?' (web series), 'Sihame' (TV show), 'Het Gouden Uur' (TV show) and 'All Inclusive' (feature film). Not a doubt that you will see her on screen or on stage sooner than later.